Mission Statement

The Manistee County Agricultural Society is committed to providing an annual county fair for the purpose of exhibition of livestock, produce and handiwork, as well as family-oriented entertainment in a wholesome environment. It is the Society's goal to promote and support youth activities and participation and to encourage involvement from surrounding communities. The Manistee County Agricultural Society, periodically throughout the year, will provide or permit to be provided activities on the fairgrounds for public entertainment and enrichment. The Manistee County Fair originated in 1886 under the name of the Manistee County Agricultural Society and is still recognized as a non-profit Michigan Corporation. Manistee County Fairgrounds is owned by Manistee County and managed by the Board of Directors of the Manistee County Agricultural Society.

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John Schimke, President                               231-510-5307

Janelle Ware, Treasurer                               231-510-7703

Elaine Bossingham, Secretary                      231-632-1968

Pauline Jaquish                                               231-342-7285

Mike DeLeon                                                    231-463-3507

Paul Adamski                                                  231-510-7887

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Melissa Renner                                              231-510-3994

Cindy Gamelin                                                231-887-0218

Herman Gamelin                                            231-510-2725

Laura Waagosh-Sievet                                  231-510-4468

Ashely Newcomb                                             231-510-6132

Chantel Gamelin                                              231-970-9119​

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Danyal Blakeslee